Unix or BSD for Dec PDP 11/34 and 11/45

devin davison lyokoboy0 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 17 06:37:29 CDT 2021


I had asked this question on the tuhs discord channel, no response yet so i
figured i would try here.

I'm working to get my pdp 11/34  and 11/45 running. I was curious what
versions of unix or bsd would work on the machines i have. I wanted to set
up  the systems with a bunch of dumb terminals and show them off at a local
maker fair.
If possible too, id like to be able to telnet in to unix or bsd.I was also
curious if a ethernet interface exists for my unibus systems, or if i could
SLIP/PPP serial to another machine,so i could telnet in as well as use dumb

On a bit of a side question, did minix exist for the pdp11? There is
mention of it on wikipedia, but ive not found much other mention of it. I
read the minix book, and have used it quite a bit on the ibm pc, so i
figured i would ask if a copy for the pdp 11 is out there.

--Devin D.

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