Archiving classic computer rubber part information

Al Kossow aek at
Sat Sep 11 11:18:28 CDT 2021

I've been having fun this past week trying to get the mechanics of a Canon CX print engine
in a LaserWriter restored. The paper pick and separation rollers have turned to goo.
This got me thinking that people need to start collecting information on rubber parts,
like dimensions, material and durometer values for all of these parts before they fail.
I found nothing on line about making replacement parts for these. No one stocks replacement
parts for anything older than a Canon SX engine (the generation after the CX).

Another problem child are Datamation card readers. It's been 20 years now since the
last ones were pulled out of service after the 2000 election and there seems to be a steady
stream of people trying to make replacements. I think the CHM 1401 guys replaced theirs a
few years ago, don't know if they collected mechanical info or where the repair units were made.

I've also heard that Terry of Terry's Rubber Rollers is recovering from Covid, and a
frequently used place that refurbished typewriter platens has gone out of business.
People have suggested as an

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