FTGH: 19" Intergraph Monitors

Jay Jaeger cube1 at charter.net
Tue Sep 7 16:48:51 CDT 2021

I have an Interpro 2020 and a couple of HUGE 19" inch Intergraph 
monitors.  Frankly they are pretty lousy (fuzzy, not all that 
luminescent), heavy and awkward.

Free to a Good Home - cables included.  But I won't ship them, though 
one could pay someone to crate them up and ship them.

I really don't want them around, and so I just converted my Interpro 
2020 to use LCD flatpanels with a DB5w5 to VGA cable.

You can read more about my new cable setup for this machine, and see one 
of the old monitors, at:



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