VT340 Emulation

Al Kossow aek at bitsavers.org
Thu Jun 24 12:07:56 CDT 2021

On 6/24/21 9:06 AM, Paul Koning via cctalk wrote:

> LK201s use 4800 baud UART interfacing.  PC keyboards with DIN connectors (PS-2) have a very different type of interface, nothing like a UART.  If the terminal you are talking about wants a PS-2 keyboard, as my VT501 does, you need a protocol translator.  It would essentially be the reverse of the LK201 emulator for PS-2 keyboards I released a while back, and possibly the same board could be used with a rather different program running on it.
> 	paul
ebay seller wooch22 has been selling cherry wyse ansi layout keyboards that are restorable, if you want something to convert
with the right layout


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