PDP-11/05 (was: PDP-11/05 microcode dump?)

Tom Uban tom at figureeightbrewing.com
Thu Jun 17 07:41:10 CDT 2021

On 6/17/21 6:57 AM, Steve Malikoff via cctalk wrote:
> Tom said
>> I have a couple different drawing sets for the 11/05 and while some have the matching M7260
>> schematic, only the GT40 drawings (I found on bitsavers) has the M7261E schematic:
>> http://www.bitsavers.org/pdf/dec/graphics/VT11/GT40_Graphic_Terminal_Engineering_Drawings_Feb73.pdf
>> The GT40 drawings has the PROM listings and related, so I am hoping that they match what is in the
>> two boards.
> My original PDP-11/05 print set that came from the BHP steelworks is titled just 'PDP-11/05 Engineering
> Drawings' and the drawings are for machine revision 1105-0. It covers the early 11/05 with the cast metal
> grille with no slots (as seen in the 11/05 handbook) rather than the later 11/05 with the plastic slotted
> grille.
> The dates on the drawings are 1972 and some of the microcode listing dates are different to the 'PDP-11/05-S,
> 11/10-S systems engineering drawings' bitsavers scan and the GT-40 scan, and some of them are the same.
> I'm not sure where I look to see what revision of the M7261 it shows, as the Rev box in the bottom right
> seems to jump around, eg. Rev N, Rev K, Rev H or is that just the minor drawing revision for that page?
> Steve
If you look at the board layout for the M7261, the E rev board has a large open area, devoid of ICs,
the non-E rev board has a uniform distribution of ICs across the surface.


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