Anyone need a 10 tape Compaq DLT drive with changer cart?

Chris Zach cz at
Fri Jun 11 21:42:33 CDT 2021


Dragged out my old Compaq DAT tape drive and although it powers up some 
of the rubber wheels have turned to goo. Since I don't have any reason 
to fix it I thought I'd offer it here for shipping. Compaq 3000 series, 
this is a 199527-003, rebadged HP tape changer.

It got a 10 tape capacity changer cartridge, powers up, moves the tape 
cart, however throws an error 40 because the rubber is gone. One of the 
wheels is liquid but intact so you can probably measure the OD to 
install a spare.

Anyone want it? Or it goes in the recycling.


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