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Lars Brinkhoff lars at
Wed Feb 17 01:13:26 CST 2021

Phil Budne wrote:
> From: Lyle Bickley via cctalk <cctalk at>
>> I contacted Peter Samson regarding a "SC-4" and this was his response:
>> "There was an SC-40 (made after my time there) which was a fast
>> PDP-10-compatible system. I don’t know of any SC-4 though."
> The document that raised the question has his name and signature (or
> the name and signature of *A* Peter R Samson) on it?
> I suppose one could say that SC-4 might be a marketing term that an
> engineer might have forgotten, or chosen to have forgotten, but Peter
> Samson's title in the document is Director of Marketing!
> The URL again:

I heard back from Fred Wright:

 "Although I wasn't at SC in 1972, I'm pretty sure I would have heard of
  the SC-4 if it had ever existed.  The document you linked was just a
  proposal, and I imagine that that's as far as it ever got.  AFAIK, SC
  didn't create any full-fledged computers between the SC-15 (1970) and
  the SC-30 (1983)."

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