jim stephens jwsmail at
Wed Feb 3 03:09:50 CST 2021

On 2/2/2021 11:51 PM, Peter Corlett via cctalk wrote:
> The Raspberry Pi Pico has a similar price to the Blue Pill and seems a much
> better machine for this task, although I haven't combed through its
> reference manual yet.
For capture and writing (if that's part of the design) I heard there's a 
dedicated coprocessor for the GPIO pins.  It might be useful for 
offloading some of the proccessing from some external circuitry to do 
the capture or output.

I don't know what's included for the capabilities.  And apparently since 
the chip is new, there's only assembler programming for it now.

There's a video comparing the Pico, ESP32, ESP32-S and Blue Pill. The 
latter was a bit low in resources compared to the others.

I'll try to find it and post it if anyone's interested.


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