Peter Corlett abuse at
Wed Feb 3 01:51:45 CST 2021

On Tue, Feb 02, 2021 at 09:20:01AM -0800, Chuck Guzis via cctalk wrote:
> When I last proposed the STM32F407, I was met with "Oh, but the Blue Pill
> is cheaper". Okay, use the Blue Pill, but my code won't work with it. Not
> once has anyone contacted me and said "I'd like to try my hand at doing
> this, what can you tell me?". I've described the methodology of using an
> MCU elsewhere several times.

I have a pile of Blue Pill boards, and using it to read floppies was an
obvious application. However after running the numbers, it turned out there
isn't enough RAM to buffer an entire track from a HD floppy. It also has a
broken USB implementation just to liven things up a bit.

The Raspberry Pi Pico has a similar price to the Blue Pill and seems a much
better machine for this task, although I haven't combed through its
reference manual yet.

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