PDP-11/70 Boards

Rob Jarratt robert.jarratt at ntlworld.com
Thu Dec 9 06:26:51 CST 2021

Hello Tony,

> The power bricks draw very little current with no load on the output and 2.5A
> would be fine to power one up.

Are you saying that I can test them with no load? I thought they would need some load?

> Most, if not all, of the  power bricks start by rectifying and smoothing the AC
> input. As a result they will run off a DC input too.
> You can test them using a bench supply,  normally do.
> One final thing. Do not, (as I did when younger and even more foolish)
> disable the over-current trip in a power brick. If the crowbar operates, you
> will end up with transistors blown off the PCB.
> -tony

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