Women of Computing

Mike Begley spam at hell.org
Sun Dec 5 00:14:23 CST 2021

Ugggh, as soon as I saw this conversation I new it was going to be a race to the bottom.  Actually, it was far less worse than I expected, so progress, perhaps?

I've been frustrated by the lack of women in the industry, because there's no rational reason for it and it feels like we're wasting half our talent pool.  I've known too many women who were effectively chased out of the industry and the hobby because of creepy, insecure men and their enablers, and it's just infuriating.  There's no reason for it, and I'm glad we're finally seeing pushback, role models and positive encouragement, and garbage behavior is increasingly less tolerated and called out.

> Using the term ‘woke’ these days is a great way to render any point you are trying to make moot.  Great
> way to make people people not take you seriously.
> He may as well have just come out and said, “It triggers me and I don’t like having to acknowledge that
> women exist in the field of computer history.”

Yeah, "woke" is one of those terms, like "PC", that immediately signals that the speaker can immediately be dismissed out of hand as having nothing worthwhile to say.


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