Women of Computing

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Sun Dec 5 11:40:00 CST 2021

On Sat, 4 Dec 2021, Chris Long via cctalk wrote:

> I accept that far less women than men work in computing.
> I believe however that this is large due to their own perception of the industry and their career choices.

It's not "perception". It's the rampant sexual harassment, "dudebro" 
culture, etc.  It takes a strong person to work in an industry that 
demonstratedly treats them like second class citizens.

If you've got an issue with Lego promoting women in STEM fields, ya'll 
should probably go sit in the corner until you've come to grips with the 
fact that you've got a dramatic flaw in your perception of reality.

> Almost all the women I know would describe working in it as "sad" or 
> "geeky" and several of them are married men who do work in IT.

Five bucks says all or most of them were denigrated or humiliated in some 
fashion after showing an early interest in those things.

If I were you, I'd go back to shouting at clouds and chasing kids off your 


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