RK11-C indicator panel inlays?

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Onderwerp: RK11-C indicator panel inlays?

Anyway, if anyone is interested, the next step would be to find out who all
wants an RK11-C inlay, and work out _exactly_ what would be printed on it.


I am definitely interested. Never saw the RK-11C (except once on eBay some 15 years ago)!
However, I have *two* DX11 front panels with the 144 lamps & 4 ”paddle” connections boards.
I developed a 100x160 mm (Euro-card size) PCB with a PIC18F252 and 10 MCP23S17 ICs.
You serially send a command to the PIC and the PIC controls the MCP23S17 outputs.
Per command you control 8 lamps. On the PCB is one difficult part: a 4 position one-slot block
to put the 4 paddle boards in.

Given you have 144 lamps panel with the RK11-C front, what would you do to light up the lamps?

Henk, PA8PDP

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