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> On 12/1/2021 11:55 AM, Noel Chiappa via cctalk wrote:
> >      > From the blog of someone who got a KB11-A working
> >
> > It's Fritz Mueller's blog; at about the top of this page:
> >
> >    https://fritzm.github.io/category/pdp-116.html
> >
> > he's just turned the machine on for the first time, and you can follow
> > as he chases, finds and fixes CPU problems. The KB11-C/D of the -11/70
> > is _very_ similar to the KB11-A he was dealing with (they are
> > _basically_ the same CPU, with a cache, and other stuff added on the
> > other side from the CPU, on the KB11-C/D), so there are probably some
> > good lessons to be learned.
> >
> Very useful to see as I ponder trying to get my 11/45 (with a KB11-D in
> it) going again.  I think next time I work on this beastie I will roll it out from my
> main room where the lighting and access are just OK into my larger room
> where my PC is kept temporarily, for easier access.
> Going to want to buy a load tester and thoroughly check out the power
> supplies first - which are unfortunately really heavy (and may not be
> mounted quite properly, either), as it has been several years since I turned
> the thing on.

What kind of load tester are you looking to buy? I have an 11/45 which I need to test the power supplies on too.


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