Ultrix-11 Networking

Douglas Taylor dj.taylor4 at comcast.net
Sat Aug 28 11:43:28 CDT 2021

Its been fun  working with Ultrix-11 and have had success with the help 
of the list.  Thanks.  The tape file from Bill Gunshannon will create a 
working system.  Yay!

I'm at the point of trying to network the SIMH pdp11 Ultrix-11 system.

I have a few observations:

1. The youtube video 'Ultrix-11' shows connecting to sunOS systems. OK, 
he did this by simply issuing a single ifconfig command.  That didn't 
work for me.

2. Instead, I used the netsetup script supplied with the system, and had 
to reboot to get networking up.  I did seem to come up OK.

3. The SIMH FAQ suggests using a 2nd ethernet port, I was able to do 
this.  The linux computer I am running SIMH on has 2 ports.

4. The Ultrix-11 telnet ftp are old, unsecure versions, how do you 
connect to a modern Linux machine?  The Linux machines refuse the 

5. I also looked at the tuhs archive.  The Fred build script that 
generates a tk50 bootable tape image didn't work for me.  I substituted 
a file for the tape device and it caused SIMH to Halt.


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