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I have been scanning to 400 and 600 dpi TIFF and using scantailor-advanced
to post-process. Where manuals have had colour highlighting I’ve had good
results selecting indexed colour as the output type for those pages.

Unfortunately pathetic rural internet connection means I’ve only been
pushing optimised PDFs to the internet archive, but all original and
processed scans are kept and backed up.

I’m not just doing manuals, but whatever I find interesting in my library
at them time.

So far I’ve only done 500+ in the last 12 months, but it’s also therapeutic
for me as well as for sharing.

For your education and/or reading pleasure



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> >
> >> For material such as the RSX manuals you mentioned, the tool needed
> >> is a compression algorithm that handles color with hard edges
> >> faithfully.  Basically that means a lossless compression scheme.
> >> That should be fine, since pages like that should compress very well,
> >> at least if the scan has been touched up just a bit to make the page
> >> background reasonably pure white.
> >
> > Ethan worked on a filter a long time ago for DEC manuals. J David
> > Bryan's work was mentioned recently.
> I did see it, but it didn't look like a cookie-cutter recipe. I'd be
> happy to be proved wrong though. What I don't want to have to do is
> manually process each page (beyond having to decide which to scan in
> colour). I would be looking for an algorithm or process that I can just
> point at scanner data for a page and have it spit out the optimised PDF
> page. I'm sure that will appear at some stage, but I don't think it
> exists yet. The RSX-11M/M-PLUS Error Logging Manual, for example, has
> somewhere between 20 and 50 pages with colour present. I can pick those
> out and re-scan them and I can relatively easily merge those pages with
> the original B&W scan, but if I have to manually examine each page, I'll
> never make it to whatever manual is in my list after that one :-)
> >
> > It is trivial to add page bookmarks with Eric Smith's tumble with the
> > -b %F option
> >
> Thanks, I'll look into tumble.
> Antonio
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