Wilson Laboratories SX-530 disk exerciser

P Gebhardt p.gebhardt at ymail.com
Fri Aug 27 03:06:43 CDT 2021

Hello Alan,

I am not at home right now, but when I will be back next week, I will see if I have the manual for that exerciser. If so, then I will scan it to upload it on bitsavers.
Best regards, 


Am Donnerstag, 26. August 2021, 01:51:48 MESZ hat Alan Frisbie via cctalk <cctalk at classiccmp.org> Folgendes geschrieben: 

I recently acquired a Wilson Laboratories SX-530 disk exerciser
for SMD interface disk drives.  Unfortunately, it did not come
with a manual.  Does anyone out there have a copy they could
make available?  Yes, Bitsavers was the first place I checked.  :-)

Yes, I still have some SMD drives in working condition -- at
least they were before I moved.  One is a Century Data Systems
T-302, and another is a Fujitsu Eagle.  The T-302 is wonderful
for impressing younger people who aren't familiar with older
technology like 12-platter removable disk packs.  :-)
220 volt, 30 amps starting, 6 amps running, all for a whole
256 megabytes (formatted).



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