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> Hello all,
> Long time lurker, extremely rare poster, I was reading the Wikipedia
> article on the IBM 1620 and became quite intrigued.  I know that there is a
> simulator for it on SimH but I have never ran or simulated any card-driven
> machines before.  I have all the documentation and the file
> from bitsavers but I am not sure what to do next.  I know I would like to
> try Monitor, Fortran-II and possibly GOTRAN but I have so many questions.
> I read the SimH documentation which gave me some understanding but I don't
> know exactly how the card decks work, how to install Monitor or how to boot
> Monitor once it is installed since I know you have to boot off a deck.  My
> final question is, is there an easy to use card-driven machine to cut my
> teeth on?  Also, any anecdotes on any of the old IBM computers would be
> both welcome and greatly appreciated.
> Thanks in advance
> Ray

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