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Wed Aug 25 20:26:37 CDT 2021

On 8/25/2021 5:45 PM, Fritz Mueller via cctalk wrote:
>> On Aug 25, 2021, at 10:16 AM, Paul Koning via cctalk <cctalk at classiccmp.org> wrote:
>> I have near zero PDP-11 Unix experience, but I remember one flavor (BSD 2.11 ?) which set the top bit in its alleged ASCII output, which of course would break any terminal expecting actual 8 bit coding.
> I discovered working with Unix V6 on my '11/45 that its tty output driver is hard coded to always cook bit 8 as a parity bit, for any character where bit 8 is not already set (see Lions, line 8522).
>    --FritzM.
My earlier reply didn't make it to the list.  Here it is:

In simh I am using an 11/53 cpu which has 2 serial ports and you do this :

    sim> set tti 7b

which clears the higher order bit.  In my configuration tti is the 
console.  With this set vi and man pages work as expected, more also.


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