DEC ME11 Memory Expansion on eBay

steven at steven at
Fri Aug 20 18:04:40 CDT 2021

I just saw there is an ME11 Memory Expansion unit on eBay (not mine), stamped 'M11'.
Until seeing this one I had not heard of any other units out there apart from the one I recovered
(ex-BHP steelworks) a few years ago. Mine was connected by a flexprint cable to a rebadged PDP-11/15.

If anyone here ends up with it, I have an OpenSCAD model of the Mazak bracket p/n 1211221 that holds
the regular 5-1/4" DEC fascia panel onto the front of the H-909 cabinet this unit uses.

This is the same cabinet as the slimline PDP-11/05 and to be honest when I found the ME11 that's
what I thought it was, and that the console and CPU boards were missing. I then found the fascia panel
with the original brackets close by, and it fitted exactly.

I've printed a few from PET and they work as well as the originals (including the threaded hole), so
I could do a few more for whoever gets the eBay one should they want them.

I am slowly scanning the ME11 print set too as I've not found any online copy out there so far.


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