Bill Gunshannon bill.gunshannon at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 20 12:33:24 CDT 2021

On 8/20/21 12:53 PM, Douglas Taylor via cctalk wrote:
> Bill;
> I started this thread by asking what I thought was a simple question 
> about Ultrix-11.  Yes, I am trying to install and learn about this 
> fascinating piece of old software.
> Some of the folks who have posted know much more about Unix than I do 
> and I am learning and enjoying this.

The fun doesn't begin until you get to doing overlays.  :-)

> I just tried using the f77 compiler to see how it works.  It is really 
> outdated and wouldn't recognize some accepted f77 items.  

Of course it is outdated, it comes from the late 70's.  But I don't
understand what F77 items it would not recognize.  It was based on
what was considered the most complete implementation of the then new
F77 standard dated April 3, 1978.  Are you sure you are not trying to
use items from later standards?

>                                                           Even under 
> SIMH it is slow!  But the load libraries are there.

I am sure Ultrix-11 could be tuned to get more speed. As for SIMH,
speed depends on what you run it on.  Under SIMH I would expect it
would be the same speed running on an 11/23 as on an 11/83.

> There is a plot command in there that will drive a Tek 4014 graphics 
> terminal.  Eager to find out how that works.
> In the long run I would like to see if it can run on real pdp11 hardware 
> and support multiple terminals/users.  Just for fun!

I have run it on 11/23, 11/24, 11/73, 11/93 and 11/44 real hardware.
Using RL, RD and RA disks,
I still  have some but it is usually easier to set up a SIMH entity
than a real hardware machine, even though I still have a number of


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