ISO Laserjet I/II/III firmware

Ali cctalk at
Thu Aug 12 10:51:15 CDT 2021

> There has been some work going on emulating early Laserwriters in MAME
> and I was wondering
> if anyone still has boards or firmware dumps from Laserjets.
> It seems most have been scrapped.
> "nobody collects printers"

I don't know about collect but I have a soft spot for early LaserJets. I have a 4SI and 4M+ and an original Color LJ. I also have a few Apple LaserWriters (IIgs, 600, maybe one more). 

I have tried to get my hands on an original LJ a couple of times but the deals fell through and I did get a IIID but before it could be shipped the seller moved warehouses and it got lost in the move. Frankly if you can't find it locally it is hard to get them. Sort of like CRTs. If anyone in the LA Area wants to get rid of the following I'd be interested in giving them a good home:

LW 8500, Color LW, LW Pro 810
Compaq PageMarq 20 (or even a 15)
IBM 4029


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