IBM PC diagnostics disks

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Tue Aug 10 22:30:14 CDT 2021

On 7/29/2021 1:22 PM, Mark Huffstutter via cctech wrote:
> Yes, I sadly, learned that important lesson years ago, after finding My
> "Original" Original PC DOS diskette set pretty much destroyed, left in
> The folders in storage for too long.....
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>> Hi Richard,
>>                      I could use them if they are still available, I have the very nice binder manual for them, minus the disks!
> Don't store diskettes in vinyl sleeves.
> The plasticiser leaches out of the vinyl onto the surface of the diskettes.

Interesting. The IBM ones that I have had in the clear 5 x 8.5 vinyl 
sleeves were in their paper-like material sleeves inside the vinyl. 
They have been mostly just fine - just read them in this past week.

On the other hand maybe 10% or so of my 3B2 floppies that were similarly 
stored, but in a somewhat different form of vinyl had more sector 
errors.  Fortunately I copied some of them (the most critical ones) some 
time ago, and those were stored separately, so I expect those will be 
fine, but I haven't yet read them in.


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