Compilers and languages (Was: Help reading a 9 track tape

Stefan Skoglund stefan.skoglund at
Tue Aug 3 03:33:47 CDT 2021

mån 2021-08-02 klockan 20:00 -0500 skrev Gavin Scott via cctalk:
> Another interesting question is whether the currently shipping
> version
> of a language written in itself was compiled using the same version
> of
> itself or the previous version. I recall HP compilers generally being
> built with the previous version (at least the last time I looked
> which
> was probably in another century).

GNAT itself was written in Ada from the beginning, though the backend
is part of gcc so partly rewritten to support some Ada constructs
(which also benefitted C++).

>From the beginning I believe they used the Alsys compiler until
GNAT was able to compile itself.

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