Guy N. decguy at songdog.eskimo.com
Sun Oct 25 11:58:17 CDT 2020

Anyone remember the R65F11?  It's a Forth microcontroller: 6502
processor with a Forth kernel in ROM, from the mid '80s.

I was going through some old stuff in storage (looking for something
else) and found an R65F11 with the development ROM and some
documentation for building a development board.  Looks like a fun little
project... I have plenty of projects.

If anyone is interested, it's free for actual cost of shipping (could
probably go in a U.S. Priority Mail envelope or small box, not sure
about overseas options).

The backstory: in 1984 I was working for a startup company, and we were
looking at various microprocessors for use in a new product.  Being a
fairly skilled journeyman Forth programmer, I was advocating for the
R65F11.  I managed to talk the Rockwell sales rep into giving us the
development ROM (usually not easily available).  We ended up going with
a 68000 for the project, and I ended up with the R65F11.

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