non-shunting jumpers?

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Thu Oct 22 16:12:42 CDT 2020

On 10/22/20 1:12 PM, Paul Koning wrote:

> Not a good idea with ESD sensitive electronics.  You could use antistatic foam, though.  Its resistance is high enough that electronics won't notice its presence.

I've cut the stuff six ways to Sunday and I've never had the problem of
the clingy crumbs in XPS, so there's probably some antistatic additive
in that, probably part of the FR treatment.

> A variation on the connector idea: use an insulation-displacement type connector (the kind that you mount onto a flat cable assembly) without the cable.  Just snap on the cover over the i-d pins and you have a fully insulated assembly with the pins acting as spring clamps for the jumper pins.

That's not terribly useful when you have only one or two positions to
protect, is it?


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