Next project: 11/24. Does it need memory?

Chris Zach cz at
Wed Oct 21 19:11:28 CDT 2020

Hm. In 1986 I was given a pair of pdp8/I's, a third 8/I that was broken, 
an RK8, and a bunch of packs from UMBC's psychology lab that were in an 
old closet. I could not move out the PDP12 that was in there (would 
never fit in my station wagon) but I did take out the FPP12 unit.

Ah those were the days. I wonder if the pdp12 is still there sometimes....


On 10/21/2020 11:01 AM, Carlos E Murillo-Sanchez via cctalk wrote:
> Ethan Dicks via cctalk wrote:
>> On Tue, Oct 20, 2020 at 10:02 PM Jay Jaeger via cctalk
>> <cctalk at> wrote:
>>> I have had my system since February, 1988 when a friend and I hauled the
>>> 11/24, two RK07's a VT100 and  and TU10 out of U Wisconsin Bascom Hall
>>> for about $600.
>> Nice.  I didn't end up working for UW-Madison until 2003.  I never
>> encountered any Unibus gear at that late a date, but I did run across
>> some Qbus cards.
>> -ethan
> Back in '89-91 at UW-Madison,  the main mail server was 
> .  We at EE had mostly Sun, Apollo (later HP9000/400) 
> and Mac II's to play with, but the guys at ChemE had a bunch of vaxen 
> (mostly Microvax II's); they had DECNet but were also accessible via IP 
> somehow, at least on some nodes.  Nobody was throwing interesting stuff 
> to the trash in those days.
> Carlos.

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