Well Heeled "Rescue"

Guy Dunphy guykd at optusnet.com.au
Mon Oct 19 23:45:37 CDT 2020


Heh, all very jolly. Thanks everyone for reminding me... of my personal Apple I story.



At 08:39 PM 19/10/2020 -0700, you wrote:
>>> He probably had to pay 5% sales tax on it. That would come out to
>>> 699.30, so offer him an even $700 and he'll probably take it.
>On Mon, 19 Oct 2020, Ali via cctalk wrote:
>> No. Sales tax is paid by the buyer. At least that is how eBay is working in CA. If I buy something for $10 my final price is $11 tax included. eBay then pays the sales tax to the state on behalf of the seller. Sales tax is passed on straight to buyers like anywhere else.
>I think that Chris' point is that the ORIGINAL total gross amount for the 
>purchase was $699.30 (including the tax)  Therefore, it might be a deal 
>breaker whether you also reimburse what he had paid in sales tax.
>However, this is not the original owner.  He got it USED.  He probably 
>didn't pay the sales tax, AND, being a used computer, he probably paid 
>less than retail.
>He got it in Montreal.  Was 5% the sales tax rate in Montreal at the time?
>Also, in your offers, did you include the $1 that he is demanding for 
>shipping?  (Although he states that he will not ship it)
>Keep in mind that it is out of warranty.
>It is no longer supported.
>It is slow, without much memory.
>It doesn't meet current FCC specs (unshielded wood case)
>The software hasn't been updated in a long time.
>None of the current retail software will run on it.
>He probably doesn't even have an anti-virus program on it.
>It is even starting to be difficult to get diskettes for it.
>(which isn't too serious, because it has no drives!)
>It requires an analog composite monitor.
>Is the IEC power receptacle original equipment?
>The documentation is "digital copies", instead of the original books.
>And, he is trying to get MORE THAN RETAIL for it!

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