DEC ADV11-D Analog to Digital converter with DMA

Mark Matlock mark at
Sun Oct 18 18:27:36 CDT 2020

Paul, Jerry,

   Thanks for the suggestion to take a look at DataTranslation!

    Looking in the bitsavers folder for DataTranslation, I found a 239 page July 1986 Data  Translation manual for the DT3362 series of A/Ds. There are 23 sub-models of that board but the DT3362-16SE/8DI specifications matches the ADV11-D (A1008).

    The best part is that chapter 8 of this manual has 5 programming examples, two of which use the DMA capability.With a bit of research (and some luck) I think this will give me the info I need.

Thanks again,

Date: Sat, 17 Oct 2020 02:06:25 -0500
From: Paul Anderson <useddec at>

I think they were made by Data Translation.

On Fri, Oct 16, 2020 at 8:00 PM Jerry Weiss via cctech <
cctech at> wrote:

> I just picked a AAV11-D D/A Board for which documentation is also
> scarce. The general design may be similar.  I should be able to reverse
> engineer the analog/digital output section for pin-outs. Lacking
> manuals/source code, if someone has an existing driver or software in
> binary, I would be willing to disassemble that for its secrets.  Perhaps
> these boards mimic the methods used by ADAC or Data Translation used for
> their Qbus products.  Their documentation may also give some insight on
> how to setup these CSR's.
> Regards,
> Jerry

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