DEC ADV11-D Analog to Digital converter with DMA

Jerry Weiss jsw at
Sat Oct 17 09:07:49 CDT 2020

Thanks, I had wondered if some the earlier ADV-11and AAV-11 boards were 
just re-branded DTI boards. I have been hoping this is true for the -D 

The most likely candidates are the DT2784/DT2782 and DT2771. Now if I 
can just find manuals for these...


On 10/17/20 2:06 AM, Paul Anderson wrote:
> I think they were made by Data Translation.
> On Fri, Oct 16, 2020 at 8:00 PM Jerry Weiss via cctech 
> <cctech at <mailto:cctech at>> wrote:
>     On 10/16/20 5:34 PM, Mark Matlock via cctech wrote:
>     >     I recently acquired an ADV11-D Qbus A/D board and having
>     been working on a RSX11M+ driver for it. It is similar enough to
>     the ADV11-C that the driver I wrote for the -C works ok, but the
>     -D is DMA capable.
>     >
>     >      It seems to have two extra CSR registers in addition to the
>     CSR, and read buffer. Does anyone have documentation for this
>     board? It is mentioned in the Oct. 88 Microsystems Option Guide
>     and both RSX and VMS supported it. It was also mentioned in the
>     Dec 92 Real Time Products Technical manual.
>     >
>     >    It has a 40 pin IDC connector that appears to have some
>     amount of differences from the ADV11-C and no where have I seen
>     any info on the DMA capability.
>     >
>     >     Does anyone have a ADV11-D user manual or XXDP source code
>     for testing it?
>     >
>     > Thanks,
>     > Mark
>     I just picked a AAV11-D D/A Board for which documentation is also
>     scarce. The general design may be similar.  I should be able to
>     reverse
>     engineer the analog/digital output section for pin-outs. Lacking
>     manuals/source code, if someone has an existing driver or software in
>     binary, I would be willing to disassemble that for its secrets. 
>     Perhaps
>     these boards mimic the methods used by ADAC or Data Translation
>     used for
>     their Qbus products.  Their documentation may also give some
>     insight on
>     how to setup these CSR's.
>     Regards,
>     Jerry

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