Control Data 449 Special Miniature Computer from 1967?

steven at steven at
Fri Oct 16 02:02:20 CDT 2020

I was idly browsing early editions of Computer World journal on Google newspapers and found an announcement
and picture of the '449', an experimental aerospace computer built by Control Data in 1967 and touted as
"the world's smallest computer" at 4" x 4" x 9", of which the logic part is a 4" cube and the rest is the battery.
It's on page 3 of Computer World Sep 20 1967:

It seems to me it may have been an analogous machine to the Apollo AGS perhaps and would like to know a bit more
about it, but I've only been able to find a brief mention of the '449-2 Special Miniature Computer' and
that's it. hasn't turned up anything. I'm just curious about the tech used, no doubt it used DIPs
or flatpack micrologic and a tiny core plane?


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