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Grant Taylor cctalk at
Wed Oct 14 20:43:44 CDT 2020

On 10/14/20 4:08 AM, Maciej W. Rozycki via cctalk wrote:
> Hi,


> I posted to <rescue at> and saw my message got stuck in 
> the mail queue.

When did you send your message?  I'm trying to judge when the problem 

> Upon a further inspection I saw that the domain has expired along with 
> `' where the nameservers used to reside and both have been 
> taken by someone else, taking the name service down for `'.

Eh ... doesn't expire for a couple of years yet.  The 
problem is that it uses for DNS, which did expire and seems 
to have been taken over by undesirables.

> I can still reach Bill Bradford's personal page when I connect to 
> the server by its IPv4 address at: <>.

Thanks to John's quick thinking, it's now possible to hot wire things so 
that you can get to, et al.

The hot wiring that I did seems to have been sufficient to allow email 
to flow to  I've since sent a message to a few people 
inquiring about the current state of the ongoing rescue operation.

The last I knew, some of Bill's co-workers were going to take things over.

If anyone cares to similarly hot wire things on their end, I configured 
my recursive DNS servers to forward Bill's domains to John K.'s DNS 
server (  I also configured my email server to route directly to

Grant. . . .
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