FYI down

John Klos john at
Wed Oct 14 15:30:28 CDT 2020

> There is no content on any other those sites, and some goto malware it 
> seems.. So ..
> Having known bill for 15+ years.. yeah hard break for him.. rip..respect.

Well, I'm happy to host any of Bill's content forever.

If you visit the sites as they are, you'll see content based on the 
current owners of,, doesn't resolve because it uses DNS servers, 
and no DNS servers are configured by the new owners of

If you use as your only DNS server, then try to visit any of 
those domains, you'll get answers for any / all of them that point to 
Bill's old address ( When you visit one of those domains 
using this DNS server, the server at will recognize the 
virtualhosts and will provide the proper content.


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