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On 10/13/20 12:25 PM, Antonio Carlini via cctalk wrote:
> On 13/10/2020 20:14, Chuck Guzis via cctalk wrote:
>> As evidenced in many areas.   For example, a DMA degree does not
>> guarantee one a performing gig.  It may not even guarantee a teaching
>> gig.
> Is a DMA degree one where some other entity does all the work but the
> degree ends up in the right place? :-)

An apology--I forgot to elaborate:  DMA = Doctor of Musical Arts.   One
can get such a degree from a university without having much real
talent...but the same can be said of many fields of study.

I once worked with an EE who was a secret Juilliard grad in piano.  I
didn't know he could play--and neither did any of his friends--or his
wife.  He didn't eve own a piano.

We didn't find out until there was a party at one of my co-workers.  One
of those affairs where booze flows freely and musical instruments are
scattered about for anyone who would like to perform or accompany
someone.  These were all computer people.  Said fellow observed me
noodling around on the ivories mangling some ragtime piece.  He was
pretty soused and sat down next to me and asked if there was anything
that I'd like to hear him play.  I suggested the Bach Goldberg
variations in jest.  He tore right off on them, from the aria to the
quodlibet, not even pausing to recall.

His wife was beside herself and nearly in shock. He never discussed it


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