Looking For Computer Automation LSI-3/05 Documentation

TangentDelta tangentdelta at protonmail.com
Thu Oct 8 18:57:01 CDT 2020


I have two card cages out of a pair of Linotron 202 phototypesetting machines, and have been hunting for documentation for the Naked Mini systems used in them for over a year now. The Computer Automation CPU boards in the systems have been a complete mystery to me until recently. To make a long story short, I happened to stumble across the patent for the machine (https://patents.google.com/patent/US4254468A/en), which has the same bus configuration as my card cages, and also provides some good evidence that "Naked Milli" 3/05 CPU boards were used.
I've found documentation for the LSI 3/05's instruction set and an informative brochure, but nothing technical. Bitsavers has been a great help in my efforts to uncover more information about this processor, but there's still a lot of technical information that has eluded me (such as the autoload ROM, and how its data is arranged). The LSI-series computer handbook mentions a dedicated manual for the LSI 3/05, but I haven't found anything else about it online.

If anyone has any information about the LSI 3/05, or where I might look for the manual, it'd be greatly appreciated.


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