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Thu Oct 8 13:02:00 CDT 2020

On 10/8/20 2:38 AM, Tomas By wrote:
> I meant products. In your terms (I believe), the upper bit is part 
> of the PO and the lower one is "mobile".
> (There may have been some evolution, so that in earlier versions the 
> dialling-in server was a separate thing.)

It seems like we're in agreement about functionality and that we're down 
to terminology applied to the various functions.

> It's in ROM on the 200LX. When I select Help/About in the app, it 
> says "cc:Mail mobile". I cannot find anything in the manual, but 
> I am sure I have read it elsewhere also. I cannot remember seeing 
> "cc:Mail remote" anywhere, until now.

Terminology, thanks to product evolution and marketing whims is probably 
... nebulous if not actually ambiguous.  ;-)

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