Chris Zach cz at
Wed Oct 7 20:43:05 CDT 2020

> See my reply at 6:13 for comments about cc:Guardian / IMAP / POP3.

I don't remember Guardian, but I do remember CC:Remote. It did use an 
interface system it would call and copy down the person's mailbox file 
as a weird sub-mailbox. I mean it worked, but it was a pain.

>> The other fun email system at the time was WordPerfect Office.
> Was that (the precursor to) GroupWise?  Or something independent?

Yes. Novell bought it from Wordperfect Inc, and re-badged Office to 
GroupWise. Groupwise could run as a shared file model or a client-server 
system with a POA running on NLMs. That worked pretty well, and I used 
that at Science from 2000-2013 or so.

But it still had the SMTP NLM.

> Why were you loathe to support cc:Mail?  Did Microsoft Mail and / or the 
> WordPerfect Office thing produce more income?

CC:Mail was very parsnickity and blew up a lot. Likewise the SMTP 
gateway was very unreliable, I finally ran it on OS/2, but that wasn't 
around in late 1980's/early 90's.

>> Ah those were the days.
> Interesting story.  Thank you for sharing.

Sure! One of these days I really need to write all this stuff down. 
There was a lot going on at the dawn of the internet age, I still 
remember when we had the ceiling collapse at the Computer Society 
because all the serial cables in the ceiling for the VAX overloaded the 
drop ceiling.

It was a funny moment that morning, a Sparc20 smushed under a ceiling.

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