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Wed Oct 7 19:57:26 CDT 2020

On Thu, 08 Oct 2020 02:13:22 +0200, Grant Taylor via cctalk wrote:
> I've done some more reading on cc:Mail.  It seems that you're talking
> about cc:Mail /Mobile/, and not cc:Mail (proper).

Well, both? According to the "about" window in the client on the
200LX, it is indeed "cc:Mail mobile", but I believe I also need to
set up a "normal" post office. (The 200LX manual does not say anything
specific about versions.)

> There were also the SMTP, POP3, and IMAP gateways for cc:Mail Post
> Offices. [...]

Yes, it may have been 8.1 I looked at a while ago. At that time I had
the impression the SMTP gateway only handled outgoing mail, but that
does not really make sense, and apparently it handles both directions.

> Fetchmail -> cc:Mail SMTP -> Internet SMTP server
>                    ^
>                    |
>                    V
>               cc:Mail PO
>                    ^
>                    |
>                    V
>             cc:Mail Mobile
>                    ^
>                    :
>                    :
>                    :
>                    V
>             cc:Mail Remote
> I think that the top three lines could likely run one system.

Well, I think the bottom two are the same (i.e. delete "mobile" and
change "remote"->"mobile"). I was able to connect the 200LX to a Post
Office using null modem with no "mobile" or "remote" add-on installed
on the windows PC, if I remember correctly.

I think "mobile" was a product for laptops, and the one on the 200LX
was a minimal version of that.

> Do you think this might do what you are wanting to do?  After all, it
> seems like it's cc:Mail's answer to your question.

Yes, probably. All I can say is that it did not seem so simple when I
looked at it some time ago.

(I think my problem was that I did not consider Fetchmail. I was
looking for that functionality in the cc:Mail documentation.)


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