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Wed Oct 7 19:13:22 CDT 2020

On 10/7/20 2:10 PM, Tomas By wrote:
> Well, we are talking past each other. When I say client/server I 
> mean the connection over serial port/modem between the mobile client, 
> not on the same LAN as the PO, and the PO.

You've piqued my interest.

I've done some more reading on cc:Mail.  It seems that you're talking 
about cc:Mail /Mobile/, and not cc:Mail (proper).  It seems as if 
cc:Mail /Mobile/ is an add-on product meant to allow mobile users access 
a cc:Mail Post Office.

There is a more true client / server version of cc:Mail, but it was 
apparently named cc:Guardian.

There were also the SMTP, POP3, and IMAP gateways for cc:Mail Post 
Offices.  Per the Readme.1st file on the cc:Mail 8.1 CD-ROM that I'm 
looking at:

  - cc:Mail IMAP Server
  - cc:Mail POP3 Server
  - cc:Mail Link to SMTP
  - cc:Mail Mobile

Among many other things.

Also, per the Readme.1st file, cc:Mail 8.1, including it's cc:Mail 
/Mobile/ add-on used a Post Office directory structure.

Some of the reading that I did today indicated that even cc:Mail Mobile 
used a Post Office.  It's just that it was a local single person Post 
Office and that cc:Mail Mobile did some sort of undefined communications 
over the modem connection.  As such, I'm guessing that this cc:Mail 
Mobile communications protocol is quite proprietary.  Wikipedia's 
cc:Mail article indicates that cc:Mail Remote was developed for a few HP 
*LX devices.

If the cc:Mail that you have on your device is the cc:Mail Mobile or 
Remote that is meant to connect to cc:Mail Mobile in the central office, 
then I think I may have a solution for you.

Fetchmail -> cc:Mail SMTP -> Internet SMTP server
               cc:Mail PO
             cc:Mail Mobile
             cc:Mail Remote

I think that the top three lines could likely run one system.

Do you think this might do what you are wanting to do?  After all, it 
seems like it's cc:Mail's answer to your question.

Grant. . . .
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