The best hard drives??

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Mon Nov 30 06:34:09 CST 2020

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-------- Original message --------From: Peter Corlett via cctalk <cctalk at> Date: 11/20/20  15:47  (GMT-07:00) To: "General Discussion: On-Topic and Off-Topic Posts" <cctalk at> Subject: Re: The best hard drives?? On Tue, Nov 17, 2020 at 09:36:00AM -0500, Bill Gunshannon via cctalk wrote:[...]>>> It also turns out that £1 ≈ €1 ≈ $1.> Close, but no cigar. I just bought something from Europe 3 days ago.This rule of thumb only applies to stuff imported from the USA to Europe, orfrom anywhere to the UK. It also only applies to prices quoted to consumers.> Exchange rate: $ 1 USD = € 0.8111 EURSince the actual rate has been about €0.845 for a few months now, I guess yourbank charges 4% over the mid-market rate. That seems a bit high.However, as you surely know, the EU applies tarrifs on imports, and individualcountries also charge consumers VAT. Tariffs tend to be fairly nominal or zerounless there's a trade war going on, whereas VAT varies between 15% and 25%.So if I import a $100 widget, even if it has a zero tariff, I still get to pay21% Dutch VAT which brings it to $121, or €102. Therefore $1 ≈ €1.That same $100 widget imported into the UK becomes $120 due to the 20% VATrate, which comes to £90, but the UK has its own self-inflicted problems whichcause importers loads of extra costs and £100 is easily believable.If I take off my consumer hat and put on my businessman hat, I can import stuffwithout paying VAT and then it is just the $100, €84.50, or £75 suggested bythe exchange rate.

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