OSM Zeus 4 Computer

jim stephens jwsmail at jwsss.com
Sat Nov 28 01:30:27 CST 2020

On 11/27/2020 9:50 PM, Jerry Wright via cctalk wrote:
> Over the years I have requested help on a Zues 4 I have here but only ran into a dead end street.It would error on boot. Today I booted it up and is came up  for some odd reason..
> OSM Computer Corp.  Multi-User System.  4.01/4.00  01-19-1983  Muse 04.50 running
> I still can't find much on The OS. looks a little like MPM  Dir lists what looks like CPM/MPM type files.
> I do see PIP listed but would like to get a Back UP if possible.  Not sure how log the Drive will Keep working.
> Any manuals or the like out there on the OS  "muse" Or the computer
> Here is a Picture of one  http://computersheds.uk/fixed_pages/osm_zeus_4.html
> Thanks,  Jerry
Consider getting one of DAve G's mfm emulators if that is the drive 
type, and imaging the drive.  You can then replace the drive in the 
system with that and store the original.


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