OSM Zeus 4 Computer

Jerry Wright g-wright at att.net
Fri Nov 27 23:50:08 CST 2020

Over the years I have requested help on a Zues 4 I have here but only ran into a dead end street.It would error on boot. Today I booted it up and is came up  for some odd reason..  

OSM Computer Corp.  Multi-User System.  4.01/4.00  01-19-1983  Muse 04.50 running
I still can't find much on The OS. looks a little like MPM  Dir lists what looks like CPM/MPM type files.
I do see PIP listed but would like to get a Back UP if possible.  Not sure how log the Drive will Keep working.
Any manuals or the like out there on the OS  "muse" Or the computer

Here is a Picture of one  http://computersheds.uk/fixed_pages/osm_zeus_4.html
Thanks,  Jerry

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