evil thing to ask but I need keystroke logger

Doug Jackson doug at doughq.com
Fri Nov 20 06:19:22 CST 2020

Have you considered asking them what they are doing?

You would be surprised how much logging various software packages do.
There are always chat logs (unless deleted) - always usage logs - unless

Work with them as a first instance, failing that have them do the work
physically beside you.

Most traffic coming out of PCs these days is SSL encrypted, and you are not
likely to extract meaningful data from a session.

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On Fri, 20 Nov 2020 at 19:26, Boris Gimbarzevsky via cctalk <
cctalk at classiccmp.org> wrote:

> If it's a windoze system, modified a bare-bones keylogger about 10
> years ago which records all keystrokes (can get time of key_press,
> key_release) and also monitors all mouse clicks as well as  title of
> window clicked on.  Can also record every mouse event which takes up
> a LOT of disk space.  Just hooks keyboard and mouse events and works
> even on hospital systems which are fairly locked down.  Written in
> VB6 and also wrote a program to either look at keyboard/mouse events
> over time or to dump text typed in.  Has saved lots of work for me as
> windoze has a bad habit of crashing when I'm 20 minutes into writing
> a note and can get all keystrokes that were saved to disk during this
> time.  Initially written to find out how much time I spent
> IFOK.  Also has a stealth mode where keylogger window hidden and can
> be brought up with a key sequence and then need a password to stop
> it.  Not very stealthy as can be easily terminated through ProcessExplorer.
> Could always use Wireshark to capture all packets exchanged while
> they're on computer.
> >I have kids that after corona are in lockdown, so they are on
> >computers all the time.
> >Supposed to be doing schoolwork, but no, feedback from the school is
> negative.
> >
> >Can I trap some traffic from these PC's and what software would you
> recommend?
> >
> >Randy

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