evil thing to ask but I need keystroke logger

Boris Gimbarzevsky boris at summitclinic.com
Fri Nov 20 02:26:07 CST 2020

If it's a windoze system, modified a bare-bones keylogger about 10 
years ago which records all keystrokes (can get time of key_press, 
key_release) and also monitors all mouse clicks as well as  title of 
window clicked on.  Can also record every mouse event which takes up 
a LOT of disk space.  Just hooks keyboard and mouse events and works 
even on hospital systems which are fairly locked down.  Written in 
VB6 and also wrote a program to either look at keyboard/mouse events 
over time or to dump text typed in.  Has saved lots of work for me as 
windoze has a bad habit of crashing when I'm 20 minutes into writing 
a note and can get all keystrokes that were saved to disk during this 
time.  Initially written to find out how much time I spent 
IFOK.  Also has a stealth mode where keylogger window hidden and can 
be brought up with a key sequence and then need a password to stop 
it.  Not very stealthy as can be easily terminated through ProcessExplorer.

Could always use Wireshark to capture all packets exchanged while 
they're on computer.

>I have kids that after corona are in lockdown, so they are on 
>computers all the time.
>Supposed to be doing schoolwork, but no, feedback from the school is negative.
>Can I trap some traffic from these PC's and what software would you recommend?

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