FS: Video Toaster partial system

Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 30 17:15:38 CDT 2020

On 6/30/20 11:58 AM, JP Hindin via cctalk wrote:
> A person on Reddit picked up what appears to be part of a Video Toaster and 
> is interested in getting it to someone who can actually use it. I offered 
> to pass on the message-
> The system is in a PC case, with two full-height 5.25" Seagate SCSI disks 
> and a third-height 3.5" IBM SCSI disk, plus an optical drive and two 3.5" 
> floppy disk drives.
> There's a standard-looking AT power supply and a (looks like) passive 
> 16-bit ISA bus that has a single card in it which matches a NewTek TBCii 
> "Time Base Correction" board.

FWIW I don't know to what extent some form of time base correction was 
required; I think Toasters are still capable of "doing stuff" in other 
ways, and this would have been a standalone [optional] product.

I've got three machines with Toasters, and a 286 PC with time base 
correction hardware, but sadly no docs at present. The 286 PC seems to be 
similar to "your" setup, in that it's only really used for its PSU and ISA 
backplane; mine has a Progressive Image Technology "Kitchen Sync" board 
fitted, along with AmiLink VM-T and VM-TRR boards.

I've sent the person an email, anyway. If it's within driving distance I'll 
try and acquire the drives and card at least (I got the impression they 
might be interested in hanging on to the case/PSU) - given that old drives 
don't travel well I don't think I'd mess with shipping, though.



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