FS: Video Toaster partial system

JP Hindin jplist2008 at kiwigeek.com
Tue Jun 30 11:58:19 CDT 2020

A person on Reddit picked up what appears to be part of a Video Toaster 
and is interested in getting it to someone who can actually use it. I 
offered to pass on the message-

The system is in a PC case, with two full-height 5.25" Seagate SCSI disks 
and a third-height 3.5" IBM SCSI disk, plus an optical drive and two 3.5" 
floppy disk drives.

There's a standard-looking AT power supply and a (looks like) passive 
16-bit ISA bus that has a single card in it which matches a NewTek TBCii 
"Time Base Correction" board.

Pictures here:

They do want money, but not much, although shipping might be a bit steep 
for a case of this size and with the weight of the PSU and two full-height 
disks. I am not sure of their location, I got the impression (possibly 
wrongly) they were US based.

eMail address is:
shishkebarbarian at gmail.com

I have no affiliation with the seller and all information is derived from 
the images taken, so do please contact them directly.

  - JP

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