Hp 21mx loader rom set

jwest at classiccmp.org jwest at classiccmp.org
Sun Jun 28 08:21:13 CDT 2020

Grant wrote....
Hi all, i am looking for a loader rom set for my 21mx and does not seem to
be around at the usual places, I am hoping to find a leed.
Here is what i am in need of.

12992L consisting of


there is a set of 91740 on bit savers but with a suffix of 67-69 ?

Pretty sure I have a binary copy of all known 12992's, the ones I use I just
burn out to a set of blanks. The 7974 loader rom uses the boot loader
extension firmware for DS/1000. Are you actually running ds/1000?? I haven't
seen anyone get that up and running.

I'll see if I can dig up the bin (or an already burned chipset).


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