A tool many of you may make find useful!

Chuck Guzis cclist at sydex.com
Thu Jun 25 10:57:26 CDT 2020

On 6/25/20 8:41 AM, Dave Dunfield via cctalk wrote:
> Hi,
> Don't know if anyone is interested, but I'd guess that a lot of you like
> me have collected a big pile of digital "stuff" over the years, and also if
> like me, it may have gotten away from you a bit with a lot of duplication
> etc.

Hi Dave,

I'm not clear on what "duplicate" really means.  Perhaps you can clarify
things for me.

Duplicate in name and/or size?
Duplicate in content?

There are lots of duplicate file finders for Windows and some of them
are quite sophisticated, being able to compare the content of files with
different encodings and provide "almost the same" type of information.



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