A tool many of you may make find useful!

Dave Dunfield dave.dunfield at gmail.com
Thu Jun 25 10:41:06 CDT 2020


Don't know if anyone is interested, but I'd guess that a lot of you like
me have collected a big pile of digital "stuff" over the years, and also if
like me, it may have gotten away from you a bit with a lot of duplication

Having some spare time, I've been organizing my collected documentation,
software, drivers and other files. As part of this process I wrote "Duplicate
File Finder", a WIn32/64 tool which can look at a VERY large file collection
(can even be across many drives etc.) and produce a nice summary of what is
duplicated and where all the duplicates are.

I originally wrote it for my own use, but it has proven SO useful that I took
a little time to clean it up and post it at my personal site.:


If this sounds useful, have a look and grab the program. Hopefully it will
be as useful to you as it has to me.


Personal site: http://dunfield.maknonsolutions.com

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