Ancient transistor ?computer board (Peter Van Peborgh)

Rod Smallwood rodsmallwood52 at
Fri Jun 19 04:49:51 CDT 2020

Core memory driver board?

On 19/06/2020 02:22, Boris Gimbarzevsky via cctalk wrote:
> Remember buying boards like that at electronics surplus places in late 
> 60's but never knew where they came from.  Just used them as a cheap 
> source of parts.  Also suspect the black boxes are pulse transformers 
> although all of the pulse transformers I pulled off boards were 
> circular.  Never thought much then about where they came from and just 
> got ones with most transistors and diodes on them so could make DTL 
> logic gates from them.  Think a board like that might have gone for 
> $1-2 back then which was way cheaper than buying new transistors and 
> diodes in those days and TTL IC's were ridiculously expensive then.
> Boris Gimbarzevsky
>> OK, now here are some pics that should be available to everybody. I 
>> hope.
>> Smells of (early) 1960s transistorized.
>> No helpful marking apart from
>> *       "GATE JJ01" on SIDE A. (components).
>> *       "C NT OL DATA" on side B (solder traces).
>> Big transistors are Motorola "180376008". Also, any ideas what the 
>> "246 636
>> B" boxes are, they have four legs?
>> A curse on TinyURL and praise to Camiel Vanderhoven.
>> peter

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